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Rivie Bleu


Rivie Bleu is a pseudonym I like to use. You can call me Rivie, even if you find out my real name. I'm 24 years old. 
 I love to read and talk about books I've read and liked. I'm always looking for new books to read even though I have plenty on my TBR shelf and some that have been sitting in my room for about 5 years.
Mostly I like thrillers, mystery, series and fiction. But I've also read non fiction and classics that I've found interesting. 
My favorite books are the Roswell High series, Divergent and Insurgent. I also like Nicholas Sparks, I've read many of his books and I like them all, I think is the author I read the most. 
 I don't want to include spoilers because I don't like to know what happens before I read the story. But I do like rereading the ones I like the most.
When I read, I look at the story, the characters and the setting. I like to read because I think it takes you on a journey where you get to explore different worlds and you get to meet so many different characters, whether they’re real or not, it’s a way to escape life in a way (at least for me). This is why I read mostly fiction (although you can learn valuable information as well). Last December I started noticing the different ways the authors write and how it also adds a unique experience. (I read six different dystopian books for the End of the World Marathon)
If I find that the book has grammar errors and anything else some find unpleasant, I don’t really pay attention to that. I’m not saying that a book shouldn't be properly edited, I just don’t mind. I mean not all books are published by professionals and some are self-published, you never know the reason why, so I try not to judge that, but everyone has their own opinions.
Mainly I’ll talk about what I thought about the book; the characters, the plot and the setting. 
I had always wanted to join a book club but since I'm very picky with the books I read, I wasn't sure I'd like to read a specific one chosen by someone else. I recently joined a book club on Goodreads, Read by Theme, every month there's a new theme and you choose a book with those characteristics.   
 I've just noticed that I may not be as picky as I thought I was. But there have been a lot of books (mostly the ones I read for school) I have not liked. I do judge books by their cover and title but since I joined some reading challenges I've chosen books I wouldn't have because of their cover or title. 
I bought a Nook tablet back in August and I love it. That's the main reason I returned to reading and decided to join a book club.  
 I've been wanting to write a book since 2004 based on a true love story (or I like to think of it as a love story) but since I'm not a writer I have not been able to finish it in 8 years. I've changed it about three times and even though I have the end (the final chapter finished) I'm still stuck in chapter 2. It's not long, it's based on the first six years of a couple's story (okay, mine), so I wanted to write a chapter (30 pages long, some longer than others) for every year. I'm writing it for fun, personal experience and that's the main reason why I want to finish it. Of course I've changed a lot of things so it doesn't sound like a monologue.

Not everyone feels the same way or has the same opinions, but at least one person will share your way of thinking. 


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