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I'm sharing the different Divergent covers

Monkey Bars

             Jan 8, 2013
             Did you like Divergent and Insurgent? Do you like video games? What would you say about a 
             Divergent video game? I think it's a great idea!
             If you haven't read them, I think you should!

            Jan 3, 2013

            I just recently downloaded Liz Schulte's book Secrets. Here is an interview with her by Debra and David

            about her latest book Dark Corners           

              Dec 6, 2012

              Infinity Ring's talk with James Dashner and Carrie Ryan at Bookbox
              Have you read the books yet?

              Nov 29, 2012

             New post of book 3, Divergent for read through by Veronica Roth. One step closer, although she still 
             can't release the name. She also gives some tips to help you make things easier when rereading your 
             own books before you can publish them.

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