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Monday, December 31, 2012

Blog Makeover

           Finally trying to get things in order here... I was trying to read as many books as I could for the End of the World
           Marathon, I couldn't read as many as I wanted, I was making time to make changes to this blog. This is a random
           post and I'll describe how things work or what they are.

           I was thinking of having three special posts:
                         - Monthly introduction to talk about what I'll be reading and the monthly themes for the book club
                         and challenges
                         - Monthly review, of what I read and what I thought of them
                         - Random post (such as this one), they can be about anything

            I want to have different pages:
                        - Ratings, I posted about my rating but will put it here as well as a quick reference
                        - Updates, I write quick updates on the right top corner and will have them all here
                        - Read by theme, for the book club, a list of what I've been reading
                        - Challenges, for the monthly books I'll be reading for the challenges
            (The links for the pages and home are the books on the top right corner. The Updates page is the "Monkey
             Bars" book and the rating's link is "Rating Monkeys", the other two will come later.)

           I also had in mind a game I saw on a friend's wall and I thought it was fun, though without a giveaway it doesn't
           seem as fun, so I'm not sure about this.

           All the banners used here I had to make, I don't draw so they're not perfect but I didn't know what else I
          could do so I had to give it a try.

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