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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rating Monkeys

       Most of the books I read, since I'm so picky I don't read just any book,
       I give it 5 (in this case) bookmarks (or monkey bookmarks).
       I hardly give ratings lower than 3 and since I choose the books very 
       carefully, I don't think I've read one, by choice, that I didn't like.
       I guess this rating is pretty much for fiction, since it's what I read 
       most, because non fiction books you can't really rate by a twist that 
       you didn't like because it's not made up.

       If I like the book and wouldn't mind reading it again
                             (Recommend to everyone)
      There was something minor that I didn't like but the book is good
                             (I guess I can overlook that...)

      The major part in the plot was not perfect for me 
      (or they killed someone important though not necessarily)
                              (I pictured that differently...)               

      I just didn't like the writing or the plot, it's probably not the kind of
      books I read
(Finally finished, hoping not to see it again)

      This has to be a kind of book I really don't like, and everything else in
      it probably didn't help much.
(Why did I read this? Someone must have lent it to me...)

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