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Friday, November 30, 2012

December 2012

    Since December 21 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and everyone is
    talking about it, some say it's the end of the world (this doesn't mean I believe
      it), others say it's the end of an era and have different ideas, I was thinking
    it could be a theme for this month.

     For the read by theme book club, author you haven't read before, I'm only
      going to read  Bruno, the chief of police by Martin Walker so I can have
      enough time. Although I think most of them will count since they'll be new
      authors for me.
      The reason I'm reading Bruno, ... this month is because it's the first book of
       a series and the second book fits what I hope will be January's theme

       Since I'm going to try to read more than three books in one month, I don't
        think I'll be able to post about all of them so I'm going to tell you how I
        rate books, because that's what I'll post by Dec 23.

       Most of the books I read, since I'm so picky I don't read just any book,
       I rate 5 stars.
                  - If I really like the book I give it 5.
                  - If there was something I didn't think was a great choice (for me)
                  but I like it in general I give it 4
                  - If I didn't like something really important in the plot I give it 3
       I hardly give lower ratings because like I say I choose my books pretty
       carefully and I don't think I've read one (by choice) that I didn't like.

       But everyone has different opinions and most of the people I know
      don't like the same things as me, so I know that there are people that
      don't agree with my rating.

      So my idea was to read dystopian novels and series in December. I
      haven't look for challenges, maybe I should have done that first, but I was
      thinking it could be a sort of challenge. I still don't know if I should count every
      book or count the series as one. I think I didn't really look for a real challenge
      out there because I know that there are books that do talk about the end of the
      world, not necessarily about a different world after a big destruction or change,
      which will probably fit most themes that's what I think, or maybe they started
      them in January and I'm kind of late. So, since I read mostly fiction and I don't
      think the world will end, I'm going for changes to the world as we know it.
               - an invasion by any type of creatures that changed everything
               - a massive destruction that has changed our way of life
               - diseases, used as biological weapons or natural
               - the destruction of our world by humans
       or anything similar.

      So far I've found:

                - Under the Dome by Stephen King
                - Sky Chasers series by Anne Kathleen Ryan     (2 books published)
                - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
                - 2066 by Peter A. Brandt
                - Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi                  (1 book published)
                - Legend series by Marie Lu                              (1 book published)
                - Unwind series by Neal Shusterman                  (2 books published)
                - Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi  (1 book published)
                - Razorland series by Ann Aguirre                (2 books published)
                - Dust Lands series by Moira Young            (2 books published)
                - Delirium series by Lauren Oliver                (2 books published)
                - Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness       (3 books published)
                - Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry   (3 books published)
                - Birthmarked series by Caragh M. O'Brien  (3 books published)

         I'm still not sure if I should add Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris to the list,
         there is only one book published so far (this is not the reason).

         I'm trying to have a long list, even though it's for one month because I
         might not find all of the books.
         Obviously, since I'm looking for more than 5 books in one month and I
         don't have that kind of money, I wont be buying all of them, I'll ask friends
         if they have them and also the library is a good choice, so if I can't find a
         book I wont be able to read it even if it fits the theme.

        I wont count the ones I've already read and I wont be rereading them. These
        are: The hunger games, the maze runner, divergent

       If you have any recommendations or know of an existing challenge going on at
       the moment please let me know.

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