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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reading Challenges

     I decided to join some reading challenges; I found a new way to find 
     more books to read.

     This is the order I found them and joined:
          - Paranormal Reading Challenge
          - Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge
          - E-book Reading Challenge

      The first one divides the year 
      into a different paranormal 
      creature each month. I already 
      have some ideas on vampires 
      (I’m not talking about twilight, 
      I only read breaking dawn), 
      aliens, angels and zombies. I 
      guess I’ll have to look for books
      for the other categories. 

      You can sign up for this challenge here: Auntie Spinelli Reads

      I mentioned in my first post that I liked 
     Nicholas Sparks’ books and I had read 
     some, so as soon as I found this challenge 
      I wanted to join.

     This challenge goes by levels, and I decided 
      to start with the ones I have and maybe 
    add some later in the year. The level I 
     picked is Going Steady (5 – 8 novels); 
     I plan to start with 6.  

      I didn’t know which one to read first so I’m going by alphabetical     
      order; this is how I arranged them:

                 -                    Dear John
               -        The Last Song
               -        The Lucky One
               -        The Notebook
               -        Safe Haven (which I haven't read but it's on my to 
                        read list)
               -        A Walk to Remember
       You can sign up for this one here: The Book Vixen

    With those two reading 
     challenges along with the read 
     by theme book club I’m joining 
     this last challenge since I also 
     mentioned that I recently 
     bought a Nook Tablet and I 
     look for ebooks more than print 
     This also goes by levels and this 
     was my idea: I’m counting 3 
     books per month for each challenge/ book club, per 12 months which 
     gives me 36 ebooks to start, Level DVD – 25 books minimum. 
     That’s the beginning because there are series that I think I’ll read and 
     it’ll be more than 3 per month, but I’m also not counting my three 
     print books for the Nicholas Sparks challenge.
     Here's where you can sign up for this one: Workaday Reads

      I can always move up levels, so we’ll see by May how I’m doing, 
      hopefully I'll be able to find more books in order to move up. If 
      you have any recommendations for any of the challenges, please 
      let me know. 


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  1. Thanks for participating! Good luck reaching your reading goals :)


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