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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Read by theme book club

       I joined goodreads in September and found the book club the first day. The
      theme that month was teenage protagonist; I didn't have a book for that
      month’s theme so I had to look for one. In the end I chose The Maze Runner
      by James Dashner and just had to finish the whole series that month since I
      couldn't put the books down once I started reading them.

      October’s theme was newest on to read shelf, for this I had to make some
       adjustments on my to read shelf because I didn't want to read the new ones
      yet so by the end of September I had to add The Mermaid Chair by Sue
      Monk Kidd and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

      I read the Mermaid Chair because I had just seen the movie on TV and found
      out it was based on a book. When I see a movie I like and then find out it’s a
      book, I find the book and read it. I usually wait until after I watch the movie
      because I usually won’t like the movie if they make too many changes. And I
      always find the book better, so if I see the movie and I like it, reading the book
      won’t change that, even if I like the book better. 

      This month is not over but I already finished reading for this theme, highest
      rated book on your to read list. This was a little harder because the books I had
      with the highest rate were the last books on different series, some weren’t
      even published and they had really high ratings, so I had to look for a book
      with a higher rating. The one I found was Divergent by Veronica Roth; I had
      seen it everywhere in the past month but didn’t really find it interesting. One
      of my flaws is I do rate books by its cover and sometimes by its title. But I
      needed it for the theme and I had seen it everywhere so I thought I should
      give it a try. I actually didn’t start reading it until November 11 because I
      really didn’t feel like reading it.
     When I first started it, I couldn’t put it down and as soon as I was done
      with it I had to read the next one. I really loved it and I just finished reading
     both of them a second time. Now I’m waiting for the third book which comes
      out next year, which is why I didn't move on to another book for this theme.

     I just joined a reading challenge, Paranormal Reading Challenge which will give
     me more books to look for and read for next year. 
     Thanks for reading

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