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Thursday, May 16, 2013


I've been wanting to post something every week, like a regular thing, sometimes book reviews take longer and I feel like I leave my blog alone. On May 1st, during Tea Time, the girls from Epic Reads asked us to tweet our booklove and they mentioned different things. I thought of many categories for this and I decided to share my favorites.

I'm starting this week with one of my favorite series. I've mentioned this specific booklove more than once, you've probably read it somewhere.
Here's a clue: there are three books so far about it
I wrote it like that so I wouldn't give it away.

First, yes, Divergent is one of my favorite series. Second, the third 'book' so far is a chapter from a different POV but is available as an ebook.

So, for the first week and post, I chose a category that has several subcategories:

Tobias Eaton!
"His eyes are so deep set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping, waiting color." "His voice is deep, and it rumbles."
He's an 18 year old trying to live a new life. He had a pretty traumatic childhood but he didn't let it affect him. I believe it's what made him stronger.
He's a nice guy, tough and believes in doing the right thing. He's different from everyone but you have to see where he came from and his reasons. He's an inspiration that you shouldn't let anything keep you from succeeding in life. He's made mistakes, but who hasn't? It's part of life and growing up.

"Yes, that whopping two-year gap really is insurmountable, isn't it?"
"I requested that the knife throwing be taken from training curriculum this year, because it serves no actual purpose other than fueling the Dauntless bravado."
"I hate that he tries to shrink people, the same way Eric does."
"Dauntless brutes—bullies, Lower Level children—thatis what we are, beneath the tattoos and the piercings and the dark clothing."

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I'll be sharing different parts from different series and books, not the book. (unless it's a 'book' category) Not all of the stories are my favorites, but they are pretty awesome and most of them have something to love.


  1. He sounds pretty awesome. The long eyelashes are crazy wild. Thank you so much for sharing more about him! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. This is a great new feature. First, cool drawing! I haven't read this series yet, but Tobias reminds me of Shane Collins from the Morganville series. Shane is one of my favorite characters (also human).


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