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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Third Twin

Using a restricted FBI database, genetic researcher Jeannie Ferrami has located identical twins born to different mothers. Frightened by her bizarre discovery, she is determined to discover the truth at any cost-until she finds herself at the center of a scandal that could ruin her career.

To fight the charges, Jeannie plunges into a maze of hidden evidence. With growing horror, she uncovers a cynical, far-reaching conspiracy involving disturbing genetic experiments and some of the most powerful men in America-men who will kill to keep their secrets concealed...

I wrote the summary from the book in case the one from goodreads had spoilers. After reading it, I saw that what I pictured as a spoiler was written on the back of the book. So, I guess the plot is a bit predictable.

I saw the movie a long time ago, probably around 2003, and I loved it. I found out it was based on a book so I bought it right away. I don't know why the previous times I had tried to read it, I couldn't get past chapter 7. But I was still very excited to actually finish it and see if it was better than the movie.

Even though I only saw the movie once, and not from the beginning, I remember mostly everything and as I was reading the book this week, I kept thinking of the scenes from the movie. I already knew what would happen, how it was going to end and all the twists that I loved from the movie.
As always, the book is better than the movie, I love the concept, the main character even has the kind of job I've always dreamed of. I thought it was a great plot based on the idea of nature vs nurture. Even though it doesn't focus on that, it's still in there through the characters' dialogue and actions.
It also includes the idea of wanting the perfect country without a mix of races. It doesn't talk about it much but it makes you wonder about the consequences; it has already happened in our real world.

I like how it keeps giving you possible theories to keep you guessing what's really happening. I don't think the story is far-fetched, it is fiction, but it's supposed to be an ethical issue in our world, so it can't be that impossible.
I found the plot to be interesting, I couldn't stop reading, wanting to know how the story developed in the book. There were parts where it seemed like there weren't important things happening though.

The characters were very interesting; some of the details shown here to make a point, have been discovered to be possible in our life. It's one of the things I find fascinating that it makes me wonder if there is more to our DNA than what we know.
There were times when I didn't think the main character reacted like I would have. Or the way we would, considering what she believes and what she went through. I don't know how believable this could be. It was a bit frustrating at times, seeing her make decisions that were not reliable, in my opinion.

It has some strong scenes, but I believe most crime stories do. I know it's not YA but even as an adult, if you've been through similar situations, it could be a bit disturbing. I guess, it's still disturbing, no matter if you've never gone through it.

I really liked the book, I guess this is because I've always been interested in this concept and looking at it as fiction, it was a pretty good story. I guess he could have changed some things to make it a bit less predictable. From what I remember about the movie, it seems like it was very similar. If I'm not mistaken, I think it is the first book that I've seen made into a movie almost exactly the way it is written. I'm curious about this, so I want to watch it again to see if what I remember is correct.

Favorite parts:
"Everybody's weird in their own way."
"But now that would not happen. She needed a new fantasy."


  1. This does sound like a great concept. Glad the mystery was good to back it up

  2. Ethical debates do make for interesting reads, but usually end with double edge sword type endings. I'm curious to find out if the movie followed the book like you're thinking. Many bloggers seem to have a book first rule, but I'm the other way around usually. I'll have to check out the movie (never heard of it-craziness). Happy weekend, Rivie!

  3. I had no idea that this was a movie. If what you think is true, it's very rare that you find a movie adaptation almost exactly like the book, which is pretty exciting! I thought the summary on Goodreads was a bit confusing so I'm glad you wrote down the one you did here. Makes much more sense! How interesting of a premise. I can imagine that this is a book that definitely makes you think about our world. I love a book like that, especially if it could be a very realistic fiction. Was it predictable because you had already seen the movie or was it the way the plot panned out? I may have to go hunt down this movie now!

  4. I really enjoy it when a book keeps you guessing. It's great that the concept is interesting and that you couldn't put it down. I really love it when a book draws me in like that. I didn't know this was a movie either. Great review! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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