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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bringing YA to YOU!


Bringing YA to YOU!: Contest Entry Forms
Bring the authors to your hometown!                You have until February 15

Marie Lu
Author of: Legend and Prodigy

Author of Cinder and Scarlet

Author of The Near Witch and The Archived
                                                                 Megan Shepherd
                                                                 Author of The Madman's Daughter

           Enter to vote for your hometown and a giveaway!
         "FIRST: Win the authors! We will come to your city and do a live event at your venue! Open in the continental US
         and major Canadian cities only."

         Help spread the word to participate in the giveaway! Tell them I (Rivie @ Bookshelf) referred you to the contest
         and we'll both get extra points!
         "SECOND: Win the books! You can win a SIGNED copy of ALL of our books! Open Internationally."


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