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Friday, January 4, 2013

First Friday

           It's Friday already, first Friday of the year, the week went by so fast. 

           I found a lot of free ebooks for my Nook for the challenges I joined, now I don't know how to choose the ones for
             next month.
             I guess I'll have to go by title or think of something so I don't have to decide (I'm not very good at making
            choices, this is one of my flaws), because I found a lot of the same category and theme. The one challenge that is
            becoming the hardest to find books is the Ireland Reading Challenge (I only found two for this) An Irish Love 
           Story and Katie's Hero. So if you know of any books that happen to say Ireland or Irish on the title, be by an
           Irish author or be about Ireland or an Irish character, please let me know. I'll owe you big time!

             I found a lot of new authors (for me) and books I hadn't heard of, though most of them are old. I used to judge
            books by their cover and title but having to search for different themes and categories has opened my eyes (ok,
            I'm exaggerating a bit), but seriously I'm giving a lot of titles and covers a chance because they fit the theme.
           Though it seems like I found mostly YA paranormal books, I guess there was a time when that was really
           popular because now I see a lot of dystopian series. 

             I just started reading my first book for this month (and of this year) and I started with the vampire character
             for the Paranormal Challenge. I still hadn't decided on one but yesterday I finally picked Johnny Doesn't Drink 
              Champagne by Cody Young.

             I hadn't opened any book, I'm a little behind, so I'll try to read faster to get them all in time before the end of the
            month. Tomorrow I'm going on a road trip, though is only a couple of hours on the road, I hope to get through
            my first book so I can start with the others.

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