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Monday, January 28, 2013

Leap Frog Follow Hop

Leap Frog Follow Hop

This is a new meme hosted by Paperbook Princess and Readers In Wonderland
The point of the meme is to find new blogs 
All you have to do is:
Make a post! Easy right? Answer the weekly question, grab our button, and copy the code for the linky list we have posted.
Get the post URL, copy it, and enter the linky list.
The point of the meme is "leap frog" so it is a requirement to follow the person in front of you on the list! Not everyone, but the person directly before you. (And the hosts!)
Leave a comment on the post of whomever you follow, talking about the question and telling them you followed. (So they can follow you back!)
After you do the mandatory follows, you can then go around and comment/follow on anyone on the list!
This runs for the ENTIRE week, meaning you have the entire week to go around and follow/enter.
Follow anyone who follows you back! Even if it's later in the week! 
You can check out the full rules here.


What is your favorite place to go to get good deals on books? Library sales, online shopping, used book stores, etc. Share some tips!

I joined BookBub "free email newsletter that keeps you updated about deeply discounted and free digital books."
I also get a daily newsletter from Barnes and Noble with book deals.
I recently followed several twitter accounts like Free ebook, epubBooks, FreeBookFriday and Free Daily eBooks (though they're mostly for Kindle)
I went to Barnes and Noble on Saturday and I found a lot of good bargain books.  

Tell us how you get book deals, leave a comment or link your post.


  1. I can never find any good bargain books when I go to B&N! I look every time but they are all like biographies or travel guides. What did you get, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for hopping this week!

    1. Also, can you email me your email? I am going to put it in the book club mailing list.

  2. Great tips! I'll check out those twitter accounts.

  3. I have looked at @eBookDiscovery on twitter. They usually have some good finds as well. I finally just made a twitter account just for books stuff so I wouldn't miss out on something.

    Liss@ out of the bags


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