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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Monday!

           It's Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey

          This is the first meme for me but I'm hoping to join more during the week.
          This weekly event is a great opportunity to see what others are reading and meet new bloggers.

           Previously read:
           I read 7 books last month for the End of the World Marathon.They are all in the same post so I include them all

           Currently reading:
           For the Paranormal Challenge, January is for Vampires

            Coming up:
            I'm a little behind so I don't know if I should add two more books for this week or only one...
            For the Ireland Challenge                                               For the Nicholas Sparks challenge

             What are you reading this week? First Monday of the year...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for coming by. That one is a reread for the Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge but I like it.

  2. The book that I think I need to read is the Marie Lu. Is it the first book in her series?

    1. Hi, thanks for coming! Yeah Legend is the first book, is a good book, I liked it. I'm watitng for the second one, "Prodigy" is coming out later this month.

  3. I've read Shatter Me and Legend, two I greatly enjoy. Have you had a chance to read Unravel Me or Prodigy? Unravel me was so, so good, even better than Shatter Me, actually, a million times better. I have a copy of Prodigy but I havent gotten around to reading it. I might do that this week! Did you enjoy Unraveling? Also I want to read the boy in the striped pajamas. Nice list!

    p.s. I followed you back =]

    1. Thanks for coming and following me! I haven't read Unravel Me or Prodigy but I do want to! I liked Unraveling and I'm also looking forward to the second book.
      The boy in the striped pajamas is a good book.


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