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Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Friday

First day of the month, February and I'll finally get organized, hopefully. I saw a lot of great planners (blog planners) for free by other bloggers but I wanted one I could carry with me (5" x 7"). So I first looked for planners in stores but as a blogger said (I can't remember who, I saw a lot of posts about blog planning) they don't make planners for us. So I decided to make one myself. I decided to use the drawings I made for my blog design (I made them by hand because I don't know how to do it digitally).
I decided the size I wanted and started thinking about what I needed to be organized. A page to write about the ebooks downloaded, a page to write down the tours I'm joining, weekly and monthly calendars, a place to keep track of my challenges each month, how many books I've read and how many I have left for the month.

I'm not very organized, I use evernote and I think is great but I have notes all over the place and I have to go look for them and I usually get distracted so I stop looking. I need to have it on paper so I can open it to see what I've done, what I still need to do and to write down what I'll do next month. I also have a small notebook but again I write things all over the place and still lose things on the pages (again, not organized at all). So, the best thing is to have a specific page for each. Hopefully this will help. I forget things easily so I needed to have a checklist as well. (I'll literally doubt if I did something 3 minutes after doing it - "Did I really post it or did I only think about doing it?") Seriously, is this something to be concerned about? I hope not, I mean I know it sounds intense but it's not.

I'll be using my planner along with evernote, I really like it, it keeps all my information in one place, my planner is to keep track of dates and have everything organized. I decided to show you some pictures of what my planner will look like. I already printed it, it still looks too white because I was afraid I'd run out of ink if I added color to the background, so I'm thinking about using stickers and stamps once it's finished.

This is the cover, I made most of the drawings, except the digital washi tape and the labels, they were made by A Vegas Girl at Heart.
Go check out her blog, she has a lot of cool stuff.
The images from the Ebooks page should all be from Word's clip art.

I'm very excited and I can't wait to use it!

I've been reading stories and following some posts on other blogs and I was hoping my reader (I should give him a name, how about Rider? Is it weird? I've seen people give their laptops and cars names) would keep me updated (My memory is not great). But I was just about to add another blog (they didn't have GFC on their blog) so I add them straight to my reading list on my blogger page and it said I had reached the maximum number of blogs to follow! Which made me think that the reader may not be showing all posts per day. I don't know what it does, pick random blogs? So I decided to write down the blogs where I found follow up posts so I could come back to them, I still don't know everyone by name, this will take me a while. (I was thinking this last week) A couple of days ago, Bookish Comforts posted Pimp my Google Reader which made me think, maybe I should check that one instead of Blogger. I think it will keep me updated and I wont miss anything.

One last thing, I bought the book Identical by Ellen Hopkins last week, this book is so different from what I've read. I still haven't read it but I opened it and I couldn't believe it, the book is made up of poems. I don't know when I'll get to read this but I hope is soon.

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  1. cool planner pages... I keep meaning to get more organized.. but you know :)



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