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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who? What? Where?

I decided to join Melissa @ My World... in Words and Pages for this.
Who are you with? Where are you at? What's happening?

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I thought it would be fun to read with others. This wont include spoilers.
If you want to share where you are at this point in your book, make sure to check Melissa's post.

Tide Ever Rising by Mandi Tucker Slack

I'm with Logan and Kadie in a cave looking for Zaza, trying to stay alive and find a way out. (I think that's all I can say)


  1. Sounds pretty intriguing! I'm glad you started this one. Look forward to reading them :) Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. I already finished it and I liked it. It is pretty interesting

  2. Oh thank you again for joining in. :) Sorry I'm late, been a crazy week and weekend. :)


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