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Monday, February 11, 2013

Leap Frog Follow Hop

Leap Frog Follow Hop
This is a new meme hosted by Paperbook Princess and Readers In Wonderland
The point of the meme is to find new blogs. You can read the full rules here
The point of the meme is "leap frog" so it is a requirement to follow the person in front of you on the list! Not everyone, but the person directly before you. (And the hosts!)
This runs for the ENTIRE week, meaning you have the entire week to go around and follow/enter.
Its almost Valentines Day, and EVERYONE knows that Book Boyfriends are better then real boyfriends/husbands. If you could choose one boy from any book who would you want to take you out on a date on V-Day? Where would you want him to take you?
I love Max Evans from Roswell High by Melinda Metz but I like how he is with Liz and how much he loves her. So I wouldn't want to take him out of there, maybe if you could find Zan (okay I just mixed the book with the TV show) he was his dupe and was not like the other dupes so I think I'd pick him. I'd go with him to their planet, I guess that could be a cool date, get to see his planet and everything there is, sounds like a really cool place from both the TV show and the book. I guess it's obvious (I've said it a lot of times as well) it's my first favorite series!
Who would you want to take you on a date? Leave a comment or link your post.


  1. I just realized the show I watch on Netflix and this book are the same thing! I am so out of it! I haven't read the books but I really like the show!

    1. You're watching Roswell? I love it!! Ok, I got a little excited for a moment. I have all three seasons lol, I had to buy them. I love rewatching them. Well I don't know how far along you are on the series but you might know who I'm talking about, Zan. I know it makes me sound mean but I never liked Tess and since Ava is the dupe, though she's not that bad, I wouldn't mind stealing Zan.

    2. I am on season two I think and yes, I know who you are talking about. I don't care for Tess either but I like her with Zane :)

  2. Old follower here. My Roswell know-how is rusty, but I loved that show. I like Max and Liz together too. That's the hard part of this question. I root for the couple to stay together. Here's my Leap Frog.

  3. I don't think I've read that series? Or maybe, I have and don't remember? But, the couple sounds familiar. OMG, the TV show! Okay, I was confused for a second. GREAT pick! Thanks for stopping by my blog! (:

    ~Demi @ Characterized Book Reviews

  4. I don't know that one. I'd have to go with Daemon definitely from Opal or maybe Jace from City of Glass. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  5. This is a cool meme! I never watched Roswell, but I always wanted to. Hmmm, I may have to look for it on Netflix. My book boyfriends are Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door and Hale from the Heist Society books.

    Have a great day!


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