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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delirium RAL #4

This month I'm joining Evie @ Bookish and Rachelia @ Bookish Comforts on the Read-A-Long for Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Each week they take turns putting up a recap of the chapters read and a discussion. This week is @ Bookish

Since the discussions include spoilers of the chapters read, I'll include all my thoughts so far on the book. My blog is spoiler free except for the Read-A-Longs.
Continue at your own risk, spoilers ahead

First I'll write a little about what I thought of the chapters read this week and then I'll answer the questions Evie and Rachelia posted.
The wrap up is on Feb 28 for you to link your reviews but also to share your favorite quotes and parts.

We have come to the end of the book and this is the last discussion this month.
As always I'm doing and moving things I shouldn't and I just lost all my notes on Delirium so I won't include thoughts or favorite quotes this week.


Were you surprised that Hana would not go with Lena & Alex into the Wilds? Do you think we will see Hana again?
Yes, I thought she always wanted to leave and it would be her great opportunity! I thought she was going to help Lena escape when she was being held prisoner in her house and go with them. I don't know if Lena will come back to change things so maybe we'll see Hana again. I definitely want to read Hana.

Gracie helped Lena escape, and also broke her silence in the process. Can we interpret her silence then as her own form of resistance all these years? Why or why not?
It could be a form of resistance, but maybe she was just traumatized, I have wondered how children are affected by growing in a loveless environment. But we also know that she's smart, she could have used that as a defense mechanism and still be conscious of it.

What did you think of Alex's sacrifice in the end?
NO! That was my first reaction when we see him there not moving and his shirt red with blood. Why did she kill him?! I was devastated, this definitely made me consider giving it three stars. And I started looking at discussion on goodreads on the fact that he was dead and some say he's not really dead but I read things from Pandemonium and I'm disappointed.
Was it a sacrifice? Or did they catch him and there was nothing else he could do? Or was that why he told her not to look back? I don't understand why he would do that, did he think they would follow them if they had both crossed? I don't understand and I don't know what to say. This was a very sad and shocking moment for me.

Which scene / passage / quote in the book made the biggest impression on you and why? (feel free to quote it!)
When Alex was killed! I just wanted to go back and not read the end.
So I was messing around with my Nook and all my notes on Delirium got erased, I can't go back and find it.

Where do you think is Lena's mother now? Do you think she managed to make it to the Wilds?
I think she did make it to the wilds but she might be hiding probably only so she can gain strength, she obviously meant to come back for her.

What do you make of the last passage in the book and Lena's promise to remember and to resist? Can you think of any ways she could try to free Alex?
So he's not really dead? I'm confused by the last scene. I don't think she could come back, they'll obviously guard him constantly. Unless she comes back through the O on her mother's cell's wall.

What do you think will happen in book two?
I was expecting we'll see her find her mom and try to make a plan to rescue her sister and probably change everything but now I'm not sure. I read things I shouldn't have.

Which character in the book did you identify with the most?
At first with Lena, she seemed to follow rules because she believed in everything they told them and she thought it was the right thing to do, trying to keep her friend from getting into trouble.

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