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Friday, February 22, 2013

Feed My Reader

Feed My Reader Friday is hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer to share the new ebooks we've added to our readers, computers or phones.

Until about 5 minutes ago (5 minutes before I wrote this) I hadn't downloaded any ebooks. I've said it before, I'm a Nook girl and well they don't get many free stuff lol I'm broke right now.
Well, that just changed. I don't like to read on my computer because it's really slow and well it's just not the same. But I downloaded the Kindle app for PC. Now, I wouldn't have done this but I saw that Robyn Jones has her new book for free right now. The book looks really interesting and I couldn't find it on B&N so I had to get the Kindle app. I should have found out about it through her blog, I've been following her for a while now but I read Jaclyn's post (there's a really cool giveaway! and it's ending TODAY!)

This doesn't mean I'm going all crazy on Kindle books, I still prefer Nook books and I still hate reading on my computer, this will be just for special occasions like this where I can't find it on B&N.

Soul Walker (A Touched Girl Series, #1)
"I need to get you to the hospital." He was taking responsibility for me. Only my parents had that job. I stretched my hand out in protest, but the lack of depth perception had my trembling fingers grazing his overheated neck. I swore his whole body shook.

When five-year-old Anna Pierce is offered a chance to have nightmare-free nights for the small price of her voice, she jumps at it. Silence has to be better than all-consuming dreams about blood and death and fangy monsters. The bargain she strikes comes with a secondary benefit, visions of a person's future potential. The combination of visions and silence changes her very nature and soon she's diagnosed with autism. Twelve years of living in her head comes to a screeching halt the moment Peter Davis pulls her out of an icy river.

Her new life has her twirling, tiptoeing, and crashing through unfamiliar territory, one filled with a cranky grandma, a knocked up cousin, an unpleasant cousin, a bunch of mostly good vampires, and the boy who rescued her.

To top it all off, the deal she made at five is no more. Anna is expected to talk, to figure out her resurfacing nightmares, and to control her ever-growing powers. And she'd better get it done soon because if the good vamps want a piece of a living, breathing Touched girl, the evil ones simply want. They'll take Anna for their very own.

What ebooks did you download this week?

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