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Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Friday

My name is Rivie and I have a problem

So many different thoughts this week.

There was a poll a while back on goodreads asking if ereader users used the highlight feature. (Maybe I'm thinking about this poll and confused it with note taking) Back then I answered no, but now I take notes on my Nook. I use this to write my reviews when I finish, because I just know that when I get an idea while reading if I don't write it down, I'll forget it and then I'm wondering what to write on the review. I would have answered no to a note taking poll too but now I use it a lot. I was reading Delirium yesterday and I think most of the words are highlighted, there were so many thoughts going through my mind I had to write them down. Specially that is a read-a-long and I'll need answers for the discussion.

I just ran across another poll on goodreads asking where I would choose to live, which "book world". I was thinking about this earlier because I saw some Sci Fi world maps and some of these places are really great. They have a whole new world, very different from ours filled with fascinating creatures and landscapes.
I think it would be cool if they were considered different universes (book's worlds) and you could travel through them. Maybe I've read about this somewhere, I haven't read a book like that, does it exist? I would want to read it. If the characters from different books could actually interact with each other.
Which characters would you want to see interact with each other and where would you want them to go? What book world would you want to see them visit together?
I don't know who I would pick, so many characters and so many cool places. I would definitely want to see aliens from different planets coming to earth at the same time and meeting each other.

I was looking at my goodreads stats and the longest book I've read (that I can remember) is Breaking Dawn, 756 pages. I didn't read the other books from the twilight series, only that one because I wanted to know what happened and I still had to wait a whole year for the movie. I didn't read much before December, I just started reading book after book last year and I also saw that the year with most books read was 2012, 20 books. I set a goal of 50 books this year, according to goodreads I'm on track, I've read 6 books so far, well that just changed to one book ahead of schedule.
It seems like we all think alike, (I write these thoughts as they come to me, any day of the week and I save them for Friday) Avanti @ Avanti's place just posted a discussion, are you an avid reader?

This week was the first time I saw the support group post for insecure writings. I was thinking about something like it a couple of days ago. I didn't really look for one but I was thinking maybe we should have a support group. Hi, my name's Rivie. (Then everyone says Hi Rivie - lol I watch too many shows) And I have a TBR pile that keeps growing. Or I have a series addiction I want every book to be a series.
Divainpyjamas @ Ramblings Of A Diva Booknerd was just asking "what happens when you read a book that is just that fabulous, that it's ruined you for any book you choose to read next? How do you move on?"
There are a lot of things that go through our minds and we want to know if we're not alone.


  1. Thats great your started reading more.. I think it just takes one good book that you like to get you in and then you are set.

    We may all need a support group sometimes :)

  2. I'm horrible at taking notes. I tell myself that I should because it will help me remember but I still don't do it. Or at least, I start doing it but then stop :/.

    I got a Nook for Christmas and I am wondering if maybe I should take notes on it.

    1. It is so much fun! lol I used to think, why would you make notes on a book? I read for myself not for a class project. But now I do it as soon as somethings comes to mind. I was reading the Pelican Brief, a hardcover book and my first instinct was to make a note and then I thought is hardcover, I need to do this on a notebook; I used post-its for that one. I really love my Nook, I also highlight my favorite parts so I can add them to my review, otherwise I'm looking throughout the book wondering where it was.

  3. Oh I always take notes. I use the note feature in the books and I have a notebook app on my Nook tablet. Its so neat! And can you use the color? I use different colors for my notes. :)

    1. I don't use different colors, I should, I have to take my time, I feel like I don't have time to change the colors and stop and write properly. I have a lot of errors on my notes lol

    2. Oh, I don't want to tell you about the extra letters and misspellings I have. lol. But no one else sees them, so I'm safe as long as I can figure it out. ;)


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