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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reading Map Wrap Up

I'm excited because I read 10 books this month. I know it might not seem like a lot but I don't read fast and I didn't think I would finish them all. I barely pulled it together this last week, I had to read two books at the same time plus the Read A Long book that I read throughout the month.
I've also been timing myself to see how fast I read and organize myself better when it comes to scheduling my posts for tours.

I've found so many good books that I want to read thanks to Waiting on Wednesday, Teaser Tuesdays, Feed My Reader Friday, It's Monday, what are you reading?, Who? What? Where?

Each month just gets better as I learn more. I've joined 6 reading challenges, 1 Read A Long, 1 book club on goodreads and 1 blogger book club; it starts tomorrow (March): YA Blogger Book Club.

*The books will take you to the review post, there they will take you to goodreads

Reading Challenges

Here they are in the order I joined and the books I read for each, respectively:
Paranormal Character, Nicholas Sparks, Ireland, Mystery/Crime, Ebook and Where are you reading?

Read A Long

RAL Discussion 1
RAL Discussion 2
RAL Discussion 3
RAL Discussion 4
*The discussions include spoilers but the review is spoiler free

Ebook Challenge

This month all of the books I read were ebooks

- Fallen
- The Last Song
- Black Irish
- Tide Ever Rising
- Delirium

A-Z Challenge

Technically I didn't join, I'm just keeping track.

A -- Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- Cypher -- Dear John -- E -- Fallen -- G -- H -- Interred -- Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne -- K -- Last Song -- M -- N -- O -- Pelican Brief -- Q -- R -- S -- Tide Ever Rising -- U -- V -- W -- X -- Y -- Z

Where are you reading? Map

This challenge is to try to read one book in each state. Here's an image of the map, it's a link to the real one.

Interred - London
The Cypher - California
Tide Ever Rising - Washington
Fallen - Georgia
The Grimm Chronicles - Wisconsin
Black Irish - New York
Delirium - Maine
*I didn't add The Last Song because it's the same place as Dear John. Terra and Jesse James were set in places that don't exist in our real world.


  1. Oh I'm not sure exactly how many books I read this month, but 10 is a good number! I love the challenges you are doing - looks like the alphabet one is coming along nicely. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. I'm a slow reader so 10 was amazing for me, I had to read all week this week to finish them all. I should start them earlier and not stay a week with only one book lol. I think that one will be the easiest challenge, though I'm sure I'll be stuck on Q and X for a while.

  2. Congrats on getting 10 done!! I had a hard month and wasnt able to get as much as I wanted.

    PS where did you get your rating system icons? I have been trying to figure out how to do one and have no idea!!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to read more books than January (only read 4) but didn't think I was going to read 10, it was exciting!
      The monkey bookmarks? I made them myself, I had to draw them on paper. I'll go answer on your blog lol

  3. And I thought 8 books was amazing and I still do. I'm glad you had a great month for reading and blogging. I did too.

    1. I had to read all day for the past week so I could finish them all. 8 books is amazing! I only read 4 on January

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, now I wish I could take the whole month off lol


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