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Monday, February 25, 2013

Delirium RAL #3

This month I'm joining Evie @ Bookish and Rachelia @ Bookish Comforts on the Read-A-Long for Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Each week they take turns putting up a recap of the chapters read and a discussion. This week is @ Bookish Comforts

Since the discussions include spoilers of the chapters read, I'll include all my thoughts so far on the book. My blog is spoiler free except for the Read-A-Longs.
Continue at your own risk, spoilers ahead
First I'll write a little about what I thought of the chapters read this week and then I'll answer the questions Evie and Rachelia posted.
The wrap up is on Feb 28 for you to link your reviews but also to share your favorite quotes and parts.

Next week's discussion is for chapters 22 - 27 on Feb 27 @ Bookish

This week I won't add thoughts or favorite quotes because I have to get back to reading. I'll add them next week if I remember lol

Has your opinion of Lena changed at all over the course of the book?
Yes, I think she was just following rules because that's all she knew, that love was a disease and she experienced it first hand with her mom so she was just trying to stop that from happening to her. Now that she knows is not as bad as they say, although she still thinks she has all the symptoms, she likes being in love and I think she's trying to figure out what's happening.

Did you see Alex's revelation about Lena's mother coming? Were you surprised? What do you think will happen now?
No, I didn't think he was going to say that at all, I thought it was going to be something like they were related lol by the way he reacted before saying she was alive. I think they'll try to get her out, she might not be completely gone.

We learn that the government has spread a lot of propaganda & lies (ex.: electrical fences). Do you think more lies will be revealed? Let's speculate!
Yes, I think there is something bigger, I'm still not sure what it could be, and that's the reason they made all of it up. I think Lena might find something out before the end of the book and they'll try to change it on the next one.

Do you have any favorite quotes so far? Share them with us!
I'll pick one. "You came from different stars and you'll come to different ends."

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