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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leap Frog Follow Hop

Leap Frog Follow Hop
This is a new meme hosted by Paperbook Princess and Readers In Wonderland
The point of the meme is to find new blogs. You can read the full rules here
The point of the meme is "leap frog" so it is a requirement to follow the person in front of you on the list! Not everyone, but the person directly before you. (And the hosts!)
This runs for the ENTIRE week, meaning you have the entire week to go around and follow/enter.
Do you return comments on your blog? Or do you have a specific system for which blogs you will always comment on?
I do return comments made on my blog. I go to their blog and answer them or just leave a new comment. I also go through my reader list, I just moved to google reader, and if I see posts that catch my eye I read them and comment. I have to pick the ones that stand out more because I can't visit hundreds of posts every day. I also like to visit some blogs regularly to see if there's anything new, the memes I'm part of and sometimes new memes. Mostly because I have a lot of free time, I don't know what I'll do once I get a real job lol.
Do you return comments? Leave a comment or link your post.


  1. I'm your new follower, hi :)
    Here's link to my post:

  2. Thanks for joining up this week! I do the same, I really like when people reply (like you!) I remember that and always try to go and comment on blogs I know always comment on mine.

    1. You're welcome and thanks. I try to do that too, but sometimes I forget and then remember and start looking and see what I've missed lol


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