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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I am honored to be part of the Fixer release tour. When I first read about the book I thought it was an interesting story, I had no idea how different it would be. It's not your typical adult crime story. Keep reading to find out what I thought about it.


What would you do if you could see into the future?
As a child, he dreamed of being a superhero. Most people never get to realize their childhood dreams, but Corrigan Bain has come close. He is a fixer. His job is to prevent accidents—to see the future and “fix” things before people get hurt. But the ability to see into the future, however limited, isn’t always so simple. Sometimes not everyone can be saved.
“Don’t let them know you can see them.”
Graduate students from a local university are dying, and former lover and FBI agent Maggie Trent is the only person who believes their deaths aren’t as accidental as they appear. But the truth can only be found in something from Corrigan Bain’s past, and he’s not interested in sharing that past, not even with Maggie.
To stop the deaths, Corrigan will have to face up to some old horrors, confront the possibility that he may be going mad, and find a way to stop a killer no one can see.
Corrigan Bain is going insane . . . or is he?
Because there’s something in the future that doesn’t want to be seen. It isn’t human. It’s got a taste for mayhem. And it is very, very angry.

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In addition to ghost writing for an immortal man, Gene Doucette has been published as a humorist with Beating Up Daddy: A Year in the Life of an Amateur Father and The Other Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody. He is also a screenwriter and a playwright. Gene lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and two children.

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An adult paranormal, entertaining, interesting and complex story.
At first I thought we were getting to know the main characters but I was wrong. You meet different characters but the story focuses on one character and his life. We get to see different stages of it, which help us understand him a little more. Throughout his life we meet different characters and their typical lives until we find out that there's so much more than that.
This is not the typical adult crime novel that I was expecting. I had forgotten that it was supposed to have a touch of paranormal so it came as a surprise. I kept wondering how things were possible and trying to figure it out but I just couldn't understand everything.

It was very fun, trying to keep up with the characters because my mind wouldn't help. It likes to wander every chance it gets and it was difficult for me because I tend to overlook stuff and forget certain things. In this book paying attention to every detail is very important. "we have to figure out something that didn't happen and wasn't supposed to happen but almost did happen."

Most of the paranormal books I've read have characters that are always so open to new ideas that are supposed to be impossible. Someone says 'I'm an alien' and they might say at first 'it's not possible' but pretty soon they end up believing it. I can't imagine if someone came up to me and told me that, I wouldn't believe them. So maybe I'm skeptical, but that means that not everyone will accept everything. I like how they still kept this believable throughout the book. People might actually believe you're crazy if you start acting strange. When would you believe someone? Or do we only think it can't be possible because we know paranormal things don't exist? Does everyone think like me? "So the question I want all of you to ask yourselves is how do you prove this to a skeptic?"

Looking at it as fiction now, this story kept me interested the whole time. I liked how everything was "physically" possible that I had to keep reading to get the full explanation. They don't start talking about mathematical formulas, so if you don't like that, don't worry. The characters also need to understand it in English so they explain what's happening.

I do recommend this book but not for very young teens. The language might not be a problem for everyone but some might find it offensive. There are also small details that are a little graphic I wouldn't want my littlest cousin to read. (And she's 13, I think the 15 year old could handle it but they'll always be my little cousins, they're like my sisters.)

Favorite parts:
"Perhaps now he was fighting a medieval knight?"
(Talking about the experts) "As they were not there, the best Corrigan could muster by way of explanation was, 'how odd'." This was me throughout the story. Even though I studied physics, there are still lots of things I don't believe are possible. I never said I wanted to be a physicist because I believed everything, I just liked it.
"He's scheduled to fall out of his window at 4:02" Interesting way of looking at it.


  1. That's one of the hardest challenges I think an author faces in paranormal books - getting the characters to believe in the paranormal...when the world is really full of skeptics. I don't think the reader necessarily has to believe, just enjoy the story. I love reading about things that couldn't happen in my every day life. Sounds great - thank you for sharing :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. I do like stories like that, it's just that sometimes I think too much about what could be true. That's what happened when I was reading Unraveling, I kept criticizing everything until I saw it as Sci-Fi and I ended up liking the book.

  2. I think it would really be rough to see the future, I would get so hung up on it that I wouldn't focus on anything else and forget to live in the present. Great review, sounds like a unique read!

    1. It was really hard for the character sometimes. I think it would have been pretty cool to see everything the way he was seeing and hearing everything. It would have been pretty confusing but I haven't seen many books like that.

  3. Yay, I've been waiting for this review! This book sounds like such an interesting premise, I'm glad you liked it. I love the quote: "So the question I want all of you to ask yourselves is how do you prove this to a skeptic?" You raise a great point. At what point do you start believing something or an idea that isn't exactly normal. And how on earth does someone get a skeptic to believe them?! I certainly would have a hard time believing someone was an alien too haha. Books that make you keep reading to figure out all the details are the best. They keep you interested and dying to know more.

    1. I keep thinking about it lol, this book was just so cool! My friend once said "I'll believe in it when it's standing in front of me!" So I do wonder what makes you believe something that shouldn't be possible.

  4. Wow. I was really curious about this one after your teaser. It does sound like more than suspected. :) Thank you!

    1. It is not what I expected at all. It was really good and if there were more books about him (the main character), I'd definitely read them. There was always something to look forward to


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