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Thursday, March 21, 2013

YABBC Under the Never Sky

This month I'm joining Alise @ Readers In Wonderland on the YA Blogger Book Club (YABBC) for Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

Each month we choose a book, every week there is a discussion where we answer questions and talk about what we thought about the chapters read.

Since the discussions include spoilers of the chapters read, I'll include all my thoughts so far on the book. My blog is spoiler free except for the Read A Longs and Book club discussions.
Continue at your own risk, spoilers ahead

First I'll write a little about what I thought of the chapters read this week and then I'll answer the questions.

Next week's discussion is the Final Discussion! Chapters 31-45 on Mar 28

This week we read Chapters 21-30 and here's discussion #3.

"Perry's head snapped over to her and she realized he knew. Heat bloomed across her cheeks. He'd scent her embarrassment, too." Okay, now I understand what she meant when she she got mad because he knew every feeling she was having. But I still don't know why she got mad, is not like he can stop it. Maybe he could have said something first but she wouldn't have understood. Besdies, what was she going to do? Stop feeling?

"And never had she loved life more." they relate this to the song "My last hour has flown, and I die, hopeless, and never have I loved life more." At first I thought she was dying, but now that they say she's a half outsider, maybe she'll survive. Well, she has to survive, she can't die or there is no book. Right?


1. What was your reaction when Roar told Aria that Perry was behind to slow down their pursuers since he was the most injured of them all?
I knew he was a nice guy! Of course he had to do everything for them to get to safety. It wasn't only because Aria had the smarteye, was it? I hope not.

2. Even in Aria's situation, would you have taken shelter and help from a stranger like she did?
I'm so used to seeing people trusting everyone in books and movies that I didn't think about it like that. It was either trust him or try to fight the Croven.

3. Why do you think Marron likes to be surround by luxury?
At first I thought he was a dweller and had somehow escaped. It looks like it might be all that's left, everyone else lives on the outside and the dwellers live in Realms. Maybe he wants to feel how it was to live when things weren't so bad and they were in danger everytime an Aether storm hit.

4. Do you think it was realistic how fast Marron's men showed up to help Perry and Roar?
Do we really know how long it took them? I can't remember, I tend to overlook some things and others not as important, I forget. My mind doesn't help much for my reviews lol

5. Why do you think Cinder turns down help when he so obviously needs it?
It looks like he's a nice boy, something happened to him, there has to be a reason why he can do what he does and maybe feels bad that he's hurt others. I'm thinking there might be a story we don't know, he probably hurt other people before Perry, which is why he knew it would happen, and lives with the guilt.

6. Rose doesn't hesitate to tell Aria that she once loved Perry, and warns Aria not to fall for him because he will only be with a Scire. Why do you think Rose so easily shared this information?
Even though she's married, especially because of what she tells Aria, that she shouldn't answer her question if she loves him, I think she still does. I don't know how that would change anything, unless she leaves her husband but there are many female characters that don't like it when someone else likes the man they love. So either that, or she's trying to help Aria not fall for him because she thinks nothing will ever happen.

7. Do you think it hurt Perry to ask Roar to go see if Aria was okay because he couldn't?
I think it did, he was already liking her more, even if he denies it. That's why I think he wanted to make sure she was okay, if he didn't care for her he wouldn't have bother.

8. Why do you think Roar declines and tells Perry to "fall off you own roof," ?
That was funny, I don't know if he follows rules but he might have seen that Perry likes her and he's trying to stay out of the way. I don't know

9. We find out Aria is half Outsider, what do you think this means for Aria's future?
Is her father still alive? I think it means, she has a higher probability of living and trying to find her father if they haven't said already that he's dead. She might become a scire and it's the reason Perry will accept her lol, is that why she's a half outsider?

10. Do you think Lumina is hurting Talon?
Before I read what Talon said, it did occur to me that the experiments could be deadly. But now, if he doesn't want to leave, maybe there's another way they experiment on them.

11. Why do you think Perry reacted so badly to the Smarteye?
Do they give dwellers the smarteye as soon as their born? Maybe their bodies adapt to them. If not, is there another procedure they need to do before they insert it? I don't even understand how it connects with their brain.

12. We find out Vale really did try to go and rescue Talon, does this change your opinion of him?
It was his son, so it was his responsibility to rescue him. But Aria said it was very easy to become someone else in the realms. Did she say that because they're somehow tricking Talon and Vale's not really there?

13. If Perry rendered to Aria, do you think his feelings are still as genuine?
I don't know, but I think his feelings were real before that happened.

14. Do you think Aria feels this sudden change between them or not, because she is part Dweller?
She probably does, I'm sure she'll start changing more and discovering more of her half DNA or whatever.

15. Why do you think Perry's priorities have switched so much just because Talon said he didn't want to leave?
He probably thinks since Talon is with his father and they are curing him, it's best if he stays there.

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