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Saturday, March 30, 2013

YABBC Under the Never Sky

This month I'm joining Alise @ Readers In Wonderland on the YA Blogger Book Club (YABBC) for Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

Each month we choose a book, every week there is a discussion where we answer questions and talk about what we thought about the chapters read.

Since the discussions include spoilers of the chapters read, I'll include all my thoughts so far on the book. My blog is spoiler free except for the Read A Longs and Book club discussions.
Continue at your own risk, spoilers ahead

First I'll write a little about what I thought of the chapters read this week and then I'll answer the questions.

We have come to the end of the book and this is the last discussion this month. I still have to finish writing my review. I haven't been home much this past two days and it's been messing up my blogging time. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week.

When we find out Aria's is an Aud I started thinking she might end up with Roar, until she tells Perry that. It was just to wake him up but I thought she was so dumb! It was funny though, especially Perry's reaction, but she knows Perry believes the 'curses' and how Scires should end up with Scires. She didn't need to make him start thinking Roar and Aria should be together.

Favorite quotes:

"She withheld her questions and fears and trusted that she'd know what to do when the time came."


1. Why do you think Cinder so easily decided to stay with Roar this time around when he didn't want to even be near them before?
I hadn't thought about this, he came back to help them but in the end, I think he probably felt more connected with them. He knew what he had done helped save their lives so he probably felt like he was safe with them and they'll accept him.

2. We find out the truth about Vale, but do you think in his mind he thought he was doing a good thing for Talon because they could provide care he couldn't?
There's a part of me that wants to believe that deep down Vale is good. It's still his son, so he probably wants the best for him and he knew he was dying. I'm sure he knew they wouldn't hurt him and it was the best for Talon.

3. Do you think Aria's reaction to Lumina's death was strong enough? What are your opinions of Lumina as a person and a mother?
She seems to process things different, she's always too busy and in a rush to get somewhere to actually mourn her family and friends properly. Or did she feel like she hadn't seen her mother in a long time so it wasn't that different now. She's always thinking of something else. I just don't know what to think of her.

4. Did you predict Aria was going to be an Aud? Or that she would have any powers at all?
No! That was a complete shock for me! I totally thought she was going to be a Scire like Perry, I was so sure lol. When I read this I thought, will she end up with Roar? I felt a love triangle coming until she was dumb enough to say it to Perry. I thought it was also very funny.

5. Do you think Perry will make a good Blood Lord when he is so focused on other people like Talon and Aria?
Yes, I think he can worry about them in his own time but when he need to focus on his tribe, I'm sure he'll do a great job. He's that awesome!

6. Was Vale's death necessary? Do you think Perry was justified in his actions?
That's how they decided who became Blood Lord, if I understood correctly. I thought this could have been a little different though, but maybe Vale is not an important character to come back.

7. What do you think Liv will think when she find out Perry killed Vale?
As a sister, she should be mad but I don't really know much about her, she could end up understanding it had to happen, one had to be Blood Lord and it was either him or Vale.

8. Roar and Cinder are traveling to the Tides, do you think Cinder will be accepted?
He'll probably bring fear to the Tides but if they explain to them that he wont hurt them as long as they don't get in his way, they could accept him. He's not the only one with powers, his are just a little different, stronger.

9. Do you think Perry will fold to the pressure of having to marry someone with his Sense?
He has to end up with Aria. I'm sure somehow they'll overcome that, the curse might not be even real.

10. It seems like everyone is after the Still Blue now, do you think it really does exist?
I think it could exist and it's one of the things that was supposed to be a secret, I just don't know who's keeping the secret. Maybe they have normal humans there.

11. Do you think Aria will tell Perry about the deal she made with Hess? Do you think she will keep her word?
Either he'll sense she's hiding something from him and she'll have to end up telling him or she doesn't tell him and it brings problems in the future.

12. Where do you think Liv was all this time?
We still don't know where she is right? What if she found the Still Blue and she's hiding there? And that's where they'll end up finding her.

13. Do you think the Croven will come after the Tides?
The rest of them? But wouldn't that be the same problem as the first book? I hope they don't come back. I'm sure there are other things they can fight trying to find the Still Blue.

14. If Vale was never with Talon, do you think Talon really is safe?
He might be safe, I don't know how things work, but maybe Talon had seen Vale like he saw Perry and believed he was with him.

15. Will you be reading the sequel?
Yes, I want to know what happens with them. I can't believe it just ended like that!


  1. I loved this book and the next one is even better, IMO. These are very good questions. I don't remember Aria saying something to Perry about being with Roar because she's an Aud, but it's been sometime since then. I like that Veronica Rossi leaves with enough that you want to read the next book but not on a total cliff. Great post, Rivie! :)

    1. Really? Then I should read the next one ASAP! She was only joking to wake him up. I know it didn't have a very dramatic ending but I was still waiting to see more of the reunion lol. Thanks for stopping by!


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