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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Know Me Better

Know Me Better is hosted by I am A Reader, Not A Writer
Each week she picks 5 questions for us to answer.
This week's questions:
Books You Are Dying to Read
Foods you wish you could eat and never gain a pound
Things you have in your purse/bag/wallet now
Movies you never want to see again
Movie you watch over and over again
Books I'm dying to read
Divergent 3 by Veronica Roth
Fissure and Alternate by Marilyn Almodovar
So many books, I don't know which ones to pick

Food I wish I could eat all the time
Chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies

Things I have in my purse
makeup, wallet, headphones, 2 pens, receipts, B&N gift card, keychain, Michaels coupon, a two dollar bill, a dollar and pennies

Movies I never want to see again
Thirteen ghosts

Movies I watch over and over
I don't really watch movies by choice anymore, if I see one on tv I like, I watch it
When I was younger I watched The Santa Clause a lot
Rise of the silver surfer
Back to the Future I, II, and III
Harry Potter
Edward Scissorhands

Want to share your answers? Leave a comment or link to your post.


  1. Yes, all the sweets! Yum!

    Oh my gods! I used to watch The Santa Claus a lot when I was a kid too! Ahh, the nostalgia ;)

    1. It was sort of a tradition for me, as soon as December came I started watching it lol

  2. I still watch The Santa Clause and all the follow-ups with my son around Christmas has become a tradition. Your purse seems pretty tame compared to mine LOL I really need to clean it out. I have things like band-aids, tissues, chap stick (I am a mom so I have to carry a lot!). Love the movies you listed. I do like Dodgeball though :D I thought it was funny. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. It's not the I hated the movie but I wouldn't watch it again. I would have had more things but I just cleaned my purse about three days ago or four, depends what today is

  3. I doubt I could count all the times I've watched Back to the Future. Loved them.

    1. I wouldn't be able to count them either, my cousin and I love them, his wife always gets mad because every time we see it on TV we watch it and she doesn't like them

  4. Your food list looks similar to mine LOL

    Here's my KMB.

    1. I could eat all kinds of sweets and cake and bread every day

  5. Okay, so for foods: I secretly have an a Ben&Jerry's Butter Pecan Ice Cream addiction! I also loved Golden Oreos... I'm easing off both slowly, though. Very slowly. (:

    ~Ana @ Characterized

    1. Lol, I don't eat everything all the time, but if I had money I think I would

  6. I have The Santa Clause on DVD. While I was watching it one time, my son heard the voice of Tim Allen, i.e. Buzz Lightyear! I spent the next several months watching that movie on a loop (and I still love it). Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your words of encouragement hit the spot.

    1. You're welcome. My dad bought me the movie a long time ago and I loved it. The only one I never saw was the third one

  7. You still have a $2 bill?! I had a couple back in the day when they came out but unfortunately, they are lost forever. It's funny you mentioned that. A friend a couple of days ago paid for something in all $2 bills. I wasn't there but heard about the cashier's reaction haha. I hated Dogdgeball. My guy friends STILL talk/quote this movie. The Santa Clause is a holiday classic in my family. Whenever I'm home, we watch it at least 10 times over Christmas break!

    1. Lol I do have one, I've had it for like a long time, years though I can't remember how long. I don't believe in luck so I don't carry it for luck, it's just that it's rare and I don't like to use it. I would have liked to see the cashier's reaction, how many bills did she have, that would have been funny


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