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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

YABBC Beautiful Creatures

I am part of the YA Blogger Book Club (YABBC) hosted by Alise @ Readers In Wonderland. This month we are reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia.

Each month we choose a book, every week there is a discussion where we talk about what we thought about the chapters read.
Here's this week's original discussion Week One

Since the discussions include spoilers of the chapters read, I'll include all my thoughts so far on the book. My blog is spoiler free except for the Read A Longs and Book club discussions.
Continue at your own risk, spoilers ahead

First I'll write a little about what I thought of the chapters read this week and then I'll answer the questions.

Next week's discussion is for chapters 12-19 on Apr 14

This time is a little different; there are no questions to answer, is more of a free discussion. Which I think it's closer to a real book club, this is a digital book club.

Oh my, lol this is not what I thought the book was about. I had heard of the title before but I had never paid attention to the novel. I thought it was a normal book about real problems, our real world and that's what made us beautiful, is it weird?
I also thought it was going to be a girl POV so I find it weird that it's a guy. I'll get used to it. I still think it could be a girl sometimes.

Now there's love before first sight? Seriously? I'd understand if they knew each other through letters or internet or phone and that's what made it before first sight but that's not the case. I can barely stand love at first sight, this is just weird lol, I want to know what connection between them makes them feel like that. If it's a supernatural meant to be thing, I'd get it lol. I do love paranormal as long as it stays fiction.

I think Ethan is a little weird, I mean he's okay with real dreams and telepathic communication with a girl he just met but he has issues when it comes to a house that redecorates itself. He didn't even know how it happened, someone could have changed the room in a day. He believes what he sees even when it's really weird but he doesn't believe what he assumes, he's not even sure of it.
I think Ethan is different from the others, but it's like he has to be, he's narrating everything so he has to be the caring guy and the one that stands out in a place full of mean people that can't accept anyone outside their town. Someone had to, so of course he has to be different. I feel like the other characters are not really there, you get glimpses of them but their not really important. I feel like the only secondary character is Amma.

I am liking it so far, since it's very different from what I expected. I didn't think I'd like it lol.


  1. I loved reading your thoughts. I can't believe some of your orginal thoughts about the book. I guess I had read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of reviews before ever picking up the book. I read the book back and January and loved it. I went to see the movie opening weekend and I really didn't like it. Although the actors were great the changes they made were unnecessary.

    Here's my review:

    1. I had heard of the title only, I wasn't really interested, that's why I never looked for reviews or anything really. We were reading it and I thought I'd give it a chance, but I tend to pick up books without reading about them.


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