Day 63 of 365 - May 22, 2013                                                                                 Free 4 Day!

Post anything you want, just make sure it's related to Divergent
I'm sharing the different Divergent covers

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Free Four Day!

*Here are all my past Days, they're all together in one post but I wanted this one to have its special post as well.

Day 32 of 365 - April 21, 2013
Free 4 Day!

Post anything you want, just make sure it's related to Divergent!

I'm going to talk about my dream cast.

As soon as I found out they were making it into a movie, I was so excited. I usually don't like the movies after I've read the books, but for this I am excited! They always get the characters wrong, they cut off parts that would have been great for the movie and it's just never the same. So, when I heard they were casting for Four and Tris and people started saying it would be Alex Pettyfer and Shailene Woodley, I had never seen her act, I started thinking, who could play them in the movie? Who do I see as Four in my head? Then, someone came to mind!

Now, I don't really watch anime, but when I was about 15 years old I ran across Uninhabited Planet Survive or Mujin Wakusei Savaivu, I actually liked it and I found them all online later and watched all the episodes. So I thought of Kaoru as the Four in my head. Okay, I know most characteristics and backgrounds aren't exactly the same but I can totally picture them.

From the picture above, left to right: Kaoru as Four, Shingo (I hadn't thought about him, he looks younger and I don't really picture him as Will, though he is the smart one), Beru as Al, Runa as Tris (she is also the main character of the story), (if you ignore the cat robot), Menori (I don't know, she could be Tori or Lauren), Hawado as Peter (I guess this would make more sense in Insurgent, though he's not Dauntless either) and Shara as Christina (okay, she's not totally like Christina, I don't really think she could be Dauntless but she's Runa's best friend).

I like the story and the charaters and when I thought about them I could see them in Divergent if they were real. I had actually seen Kaoru only, he's like the perfect Four in my head. I then kept thinking about the others and started comparing them. I love Kaoru and though you never see him with Runa, you can totally see there's something between them. I always thought this wasn't your typical anime becase it's not as violent, I think it could be for younger kids. But I think it's pretty good, then again, I do like that kind of things.


  1. That is fun, I could be down with K as 4

    1. I was just thinking, we choose (okay, maybe not us but people) authors for roles but not because they are exactly like them in every way possible. So, if these anime characters were real, I would choose them to be actors in the movie. So, it's okay if they're not the same. Saying that, I would say Menori as Jeanine

  2. I LOVE casting movies :D I think it's a lot of fun since while I'm reading I picture the characters in my head so fully. When I watch movies from books, I go into it expecting a different experience and vice versa so I'm not as hard on them as a lot of readers. I take it as just a second way to enjoy the same story and characters that I loved. Of course, you know that things will change so I feel like if you go into it already expecting it then you shouldn't be as let down. I hope that makes sense. This is a great post! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. It totally makes sense, it's a great way. I struggle with this because I hate the movies I watch after I read the books. I'm hoping I'll like this so much because I just love the book, so I'll keep that in mind. "a second way to enjoy the same story and characters that I loved."
      I'm bad at casting movies, I never know who could play the characters and I always picture them differently and no ones is exactly like the one in my head lol. But with this, I was just like, yes, Kaoru could play Four! I loved Kaoru, that's probably why


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