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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reading Map Wrap Up

I haven't been here much these past three days, I came just to post my reviews. I haven't visited many blogs either, I'll get to that later. I can't believe April is here already. I didn't read as many books for March and I barely finished them, I made a couple of changes though.

I've joined 6 reading challenges and 1 blogger book club: YA Blogger Book Club.

*The books will take you to the review post, there they will take you to goodreads

I had joined the Read by Theme Book Club on goodreads but I couldn't choose 'An Ugly Cover' and if I had I wouldn't have been able to finish it. They have a 'rebels' space so I could just enter any of the others. But I was thinking, since Amazon bought goodreads, I don't know if they'll change things, they say they're keeping things the same but I think eventually they'll start introducing new things and probably change others. I don't know if I should stay with the book club, I joined because I wanted to find books to read and a place to share with others but I have found that here as well. I'll think about it.

Reading Challenges

Here they are in the ordered I joined and the books I read for each, respectively:
Paranormal Character, Nicholas Sparks, Ireland, Mystery/Crime, Ebook and Where are you reading?


Discussion 1
Discussion 2
Discussion 3
Discussion 4
*The discussions include spoilers but the review is spoiler free

Ebook Challenge

- The Iron King
- The Lucky One
- A Light in the Window
- Fixer
- Under the Never Sky

A-Z Challenge

*I'm just keeping track.

A -- Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- Cypher -- Dear John -- E -- Fallen -- G -- H -- Interred -- Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne -- K -- Last Song -- M -- N -- O -- Pelican Brief -- Q -- R -- Saving Mars -- Tide Ever Rising -- Under the Never Sky -- V -- W -- X -- Y -- Z

Where are you reading? Map

This challenge is to try to read one book in each state. Here's an image of the map, it's a link to the real one.

A Light in the Window - Massachusetts
*I didn't add Saving Mars because part of it takes place in Mars and when they do get to Earth, they arrive in Scotland and then they travel to Budapest. I don't know if they renamed countries and cities. Fixer is also set in Boston, MA. The Lucky One is also in North Carolina. Grimm Chronicles is still set in Wisconsin. I don't know where Under the Never Sky takes place in our world, it might be different. Most of the setting in The Iron King is in Faeryland.


  1. I haven't joined any book clubs yet. I'm nervous about that kind of commitment. I love the Map Challenge though. I'm totally going to tag along with your journey.

    1. It is a fun challenge! There are tons of challenges out there, some are easy because you just keep track of what you're reading

  2. Oh the Easter holiday had me all goofed up with blogging and blog visiting. So no worries. And that is cool with a map. :)

    1. I hope you had fun though! I'm trying to catch up but there are so many posts lol I'm afraid I'll forget someone


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